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  • 32 Floor 1st Taman Lestari

    Amalina, 27600 Raub Pahang
  • +609-3673000


Interior design

  1. Accommodating customers that require house interior designing services with an interior 3D planner.
  2. Providing unique and contemporary design according to the customer demands.
  3. Anyone are able to have their desired house interior even with limited budget and space depending on current situation.
  4. Furnish the plan and space with most efficient method to disclose a stunning design correspond to its function.
  5. Balancing aesthetic needs including structure planning equivalent to customers’ life style, setting the desired mood and complementing the characteristics of building according to structuring scheme.
  6. Trained to be alert to every inch of space for a perfect transformation.

Our Brochure

Our 2016 prospectu brochure easy to read guide for all service we offered.


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